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Rockler Clamp-It® Corner Clamping Jig

Struggling to hold cabinet parts in alignment while driving fasteners can be an exercise in frustration, and if you're using a nail gun, downright dangerous.

Corner Clamping Jig

The Rockler Clamp-It® Corner Clamping Jig eliminates that frustration by providing another set of ''hands'' to hold your parts together. It's used with the enormously popular Clamp-It® (#29190, sold separately) to hold panels at a precise right angle for fastening. Used in sets of four, the jigs are supportive enough to hold an entire case assembly as it is being assembled. The clamps have soft pads to prevent workpiece marring. Mounting holes in the jig allow for attachment to your work surface.




Woodworking in the News

Man continues woodworking hobby after going blind
WBTV - Charlotte, NC

If you watch Billy Milburn while he’s working with wood in the shed behind his house, you learn very quickly that his lack of sight doesn’t slow him down very much. He uses table saws, planers, and most recently, a lathe to turn wooden bowls. READ MORE »

Sneak peek at woodworking innovations: LIGNA 2017 preview
Woodworking Network

A sneak peek at some of the new woodworking technology and innovations on display at LIGNA 2017 was given to more than 70 journalists from 28 countries at a special event hosted by show organizer Deutsche Messe. The world’s largest woodworking event, LIGNA will be held May 22-26 in Hannover, Germany. READ MORE »

Stanley Black & Decker Inc buys Sears' Craftsman brand

The $900 million deal adds Craftsman lawnmowers, snowblowers and barbecue grills to Stanley Black & Decker's line of power and hand tools - a market where Craftsman is also strong. READ MORE »