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Drawer Front Installation Clamps

These handy clamps hold drawer fronts firmly in position on the drawer box while you drive the screws.

Drawer installation clamps

Securing drawer fronts to their drawer boxes can be a challenge, but it's a challenge these clamps are more than up for. With their dual clamp heads and micro-adjustable stops, the Rockler Drawer Front Installation Clamps make getting perfect alignment a cinch. The thin frame profile allows you to close the drawer while the clamp is still on, making it easy to check your alignment with adjoining drawer faces. Once the micro-adjusters are set, you can work your way through a stack of drawers in no time flat. Simply clamp the front in position and use Drawer Front Adjustment Screws (P/N 34734, sold separately) to fasten it in place. Sold in left/right pairs. Only light clamping pressure is necessary.


Woodworking in the News

Young rancher branches out with woodworking
High Plains Journal, Dodge City, KS

Reliable. Solid. Hardworking—words that could be used to describe his wood furniture also depict the craftsman himself. Zack Schaffer, 26, is the man behind Schaffer Furniture, located in Jetmore, Kansas. Schaffer, a Jetmore native, began his side business over a year ago, but his love and appreciation of the craft has been rooted inside of him for numerous years. READ MORE »

97-year-old man says THIS is what keeps him feeling young
WGN TV - Chicago IL

Marvin Wortell has been avidly working with wood since high school, and even at age 97, he says this passion has kept him feeling young. He's hand-crafted much of the furniture in his home, but he's most proud of his carving of a soaring eagle covered in gold leaf. Marvin hopes to inspire Americans of every age to get productive and start doing things, which he believes will make the country great again. READ MORE »

Florida woodworker brings back ancient art
Winter Park Observer - Orlando, FL

In a small garage studio behind an historic Winter Park bungalow, a centuries old practice is being revived with every pass of an antique planing tool. Using nothing more than traditional hand tools, furniture artist Canlin Frost carves his way back through time. READ MORE »