What’s New in Woodworking

Rockler Clamp-It Clips, 4-Packs

Slips over the top edges of any two panels, holding them at a 90° angle while you drive the nails or screws.
Photo of Rockler Clamp-it
Lining up panels at a 90° angle while you drive nails or screws can be an exercise in frustration. Pieces tend to shift around, and your fingers are often too close to the business end of the nailer for comfort. That’s where the Rockler Clamp-It Clips provide a welcome helping hand. They slip over the top corner of any two panels, holding them in perfect alignment while you drive the nails, screws or apply clamping pressure. They are available for two stock thicknesses: 1/2” and 3/4”. The 1/2” Clips are useful for drawer and small box construction, and also for cabinets with thinner 1/2” casework, while the 3/4” clips are ideal for cabinet construction with typical 3/4” panel stock. For larger open cabinets and boxes, use the Clamp-It® Corner Clamping Jig (#58918, sold separately) to secure the bottom corner, and to prevent the panels from tipping.


  • Holds the corners of boards and panels in perfect alignment while you drive fasteners
  • Makes cabinet, drawer and box assembly easier and more accurate
  • Choose clips for either 1/2” (9/16” max) or 3/4” (13/16” max) stock thicknesses
  • Smooth polypropylene clips slide easily over the edge of the panel, but won’t mar the surface
  • Clips nest together neatly for compact storage and easy transport to the assembly table
  • Corner openings provide access for nail guns and drills
  • Large tab provides gripping area for clip removal
  • Reinforced design for superior strength


Woodworking in the News

Maine prison inmates learn fine woodworking skills, forge marketing niche
MaineBiz · Portland, Maine
An outreach program is giving a small group of inmates at the Maine State Prison, in Warren, a chance to learn fine furniture making skills and to create a unique market beyond the prison walls.

Woodworking a family tradition
The Shawnee News-Star · Shawnee, OK
Since time immemorial, craftsmen across the world put their skills to use shaping wood into items that often outlive their creators. Coming from the forests of the Great Lakes region, skilled Potawatomi woodworkers passed their talent from generation to generation.

Building quality custom furniture the old fashioned way
The Reflector · Battle Ground, WA
Some of the popular sellers are the stove top cutting boards, custom boxes, and dog kennels. They offer all kinds of wood types, from straight pine to walnut, and even some unique woods like purple heart or bloodwood.

Lack of interest and work ethic driving labor shortage, say woodworkers
Woodworking Network
A survey of 150 woodworkers finds that the companies they work at are having trouble finding laborers. When asked what they believed was causing the shortage of labor across the woodworking industry and others – most said an overall lack of interest was the main reason. That was followed closely by schools not doing enough to expose students, as well as pressure for young people to go to college and get urban skills.

West Virginia man finds second career on TV pursuing woodworking
Jerill Vance, a West Virginia native who retired nearly 10 years ago has decided to take up a second career in woodworking. He is now the host of “Appalachian Heritage Woodshop,” a six-part series that airs every Saturday on West Virginia PBS.

Woodworking has become a passion for Kentucky Man
The Sentinel – Echo · London, Kentucky

His “magnificent obsession.”

That’s how Caleb Wigginton describes his passion for woodworking, a passion he picked up as a freshman in high school.

“My sister’s boyfriend made her a table,” Wigginton, youth minister at First Baptist Church in London, said. “I said ‘I could do that.’ No one believed I could, but I was determined and I ended up making a table. That birthed the beginning of something I love.”

MacBeath Hardwood purchases Woodworkers Source company
Woodworking Network

MacBeath Hardwood Co. has completed an asset purchase of World Timbers Inc., doing business as Woodworkers Source, in Scottsdale, Arizona. Woodworkers Source services the retail segment of the industry predominantly, and has three retail locations in Phoenix, Tempe and Tucson, along with an online business. The Arizona company has approximately 30 employees and annual sales are estimated at $7 million.

After years of military service, Navy veteran turns to woodworking
Columbine Courier · South Jefferson County, Colorado

Discharged from the military after nearly a decade of service in the Navy, this sailor bounced around, trying the construction management program at Arapahoe Community College and the advanced remodeling and carpentry program at Red Rocks Community College. Ultimately, he landed in the woodworking program at Red Rocks and fell in love.

Boston’s WGBH-TV is sued by woodworking show host Tommy Mac
The Boston Globe · Boston, MA

Thomas J. MacDonald, who goes by the nickname Tommy Mac, hosted the The Rough Cut Show, on WGBH-TV for 7 years. Now, he is suing WGBH for copyright infringement.

Airman shapes hearts, minds with sawdust

Tech. Sgt. Tony Tirado, communications system operator with the 4th Space Operations Squadron, uses woodworking as a way to not only satisfy this, but also to make connections within the local community.

Austin Wilson, ‘This Old House’ apprentice, dies at age 18
Wilmington Star News · Wilmington, NC

Austin Wilson, who leveraged woodworking skills he’d learned at the nonprofit Kids Making It into a role as an apprentice on the PBS television show “This Old House,” has died from a longtime pre-existing medical condition. He was 18.

Between the lines tells the story: Waynesville woodworker carves into passion

Smoky Mountain News · Waynesville, NC

When you are in the presence of the woodwork by Ben Grant, you find yourself captivated by the contours of his pieces.

Each creation is intricate in nature, but with the same kind of smoothness you might see in a high-end car design, where there’s a sense of style, innovation and sharpness, but not one line or space is wasted — a complete creative statement.