The wooden hinge and curved doors make this
wall cabinet a true attention grabber. Believe it
or not building it’s a straightforward process.

Storage. It’s one of those things that you can never have too much of. Often storage is required in a place that’s inconvenient for traditional options. This wood-hinge cabinet takes that inconvenience and turns it into a stunning piece of wall furniture. When I first saw the design for this wall-mounted cabinet there were two things that really stood out. The first is the wooden hinge. Looking at it you would expect the hinges to be quite difficult to make. That isn’t the case however. A few simple steps at the router table and table saw will have this hinge operating smoothly in short order. The second thing that I really took a liking to is the curves on the doors. Not only do the top and bottom of the doors end in a nice smooth curve but the doors themselves are also concave and convex to add a little depth to the closed cabinet. The curves take a little hand work but are easy to accomplish.

What you get:

  • 10 printable (digital) pages of step-by-step instructions
  • Over 50 full-color photos and illustrations and exploded views
  • Cutting diagram and materials list

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