Sharpen your skills by making this custom-designed layout tool and the etching on the blade will showcase your attention to detail.

This miter square is simple to make from a piece of brass stock and wood. The wood handle features a brass end cap to help keep nicks and dings to a minimum. And a finger groove machined on both faces of the handle ensures a solid grip. Since it isn’t that large an attractive piece of exotic wenge makes an affordable handle. The blade and handle are held together with two-piece brass rivets. You can also use this project to try your hand at adding a decorative flair to the brass blade. This scroll design is made with an etching technique that requires just a few special “ingredients“ readily available at most craft stores or online.

What you get:

6 pages of shop-tested step-by-step instructions
30 full-color photos illustrations and exploded views
Cutting diagram and materials list
Full-size pattern for the scroll etching
Step-by-sttep instruction on etching the blade
Retail sources for project supplies

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