This briefcase-sized package transforms into a full-featured benchtop router table in minutes and folds up for storage just as quick.

A full-sized permanent router table setup might be a great solution — if you have the space. But if you only use a router table occasionally or you need a mobile solution this could be the answer. This benchtop tool features all the accuracy and stability you’d expect from a full-size router table. And when it’s time to store the table or take it to a job site just remove the router fold up the table and it’s ready to go. This quick transformation is possible due to a unique design and readily available hardware. The sides of the table are hinged to fold like a book. The front and back are then fastened in place with threaded knobs. Finally the fence detaches from the top to become the handle for transporting and storing the table.

What you get:

  • 8 printable (digital) pages of detailed step-by-step instructions
  • 25 full-color photos illustrations and exploded views
  • Materials list
  • Retail sources for hardware and supplies

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