Lack of space in the garage? This ceiling-mounted loft adds extra storage capacity in an often overlooked place – overhead!

Looking for more storage space in your garage? Look up. Even though the walls and floor may be jampacked there’s often room up above that can be used as a storage area for sporting goods seasonal items and other garage clutter. One way to take advantage of that space is to build this ceiling-mounted storage loft. As you can see in the photo above the loft is a suspended platform that’s used to hold bulky or lightweight items that don’t fit elsewhere. Seasonal and other specialty items are stored in plastic containers with lids to seal out dust. The loft is designed so that each storage bay holds two 17-gallon Rubbermaid containers sitting side by side. This is a big plus in my garage as I store all of my holiday decorations and extra gardening supplies in these bins. And it’s out of the reach of children so it keeps anything potentially hazardous out of their hands. Another option is to use smaller containers. I set three 19-quart containers side-by-side in one bay and then stacked 12-quart containers on top of them. Of course you can also store any item that is relatively light on the shelves. And since the loft compartments are open at the ends items can spill over from one unit to the next without hitting a divider. Whatever combination of containers you choose you’ll want to get them in the planning phase before you build the loft. That way you’ll have just the right amount of room for all your necessities and can decide how much extra space you’ll actually need — and not end up with extra items still piled up on the fl oor.

What you get:

  • 5 printable (digital) pages of step-by-step instructions
  • Full-color photos illustrations and exploded view

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