Buy this 1-7/8” CD, 3/8” SH, 3-1/2” OAL Wave Cutter bit. The FISCH Wave Cutter is a high performance, next generation Forstner Bit and is truly the world’s best. Designed with the patented “Wave Cutter”, this Forstner bit has been tested against other leading bits and has been proven to drill three times the number of holes before needing to be re-sharpened!Manufactured from forged and heat-treated steel, its unique non-clogging design allows you to drill precise holes quickly without burning, while helping to increase the overall life of the bit. Drills smooth and precise holes in soft woods, hard woods & laminates with 25% less power required. Designed for the professional trade and can be used in portable power drills and stationary boring machines.Features: • Has a center point, two cutters, two spurs, and a 3/8” reduced cylindrical shank• Made from forged and heat-treated steel • Non-clogging design

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