Flexcut has developed the perfect beginner’s carving set. The FR307 Beginners Craft Carving Set includes an interchangeable palm handle, three carving blades, precut Basswood boot blank, 16-page manual and project guide, and instructional DVD. Begin learning to carve like a pro! All blades are made with precision-machined carbon steel that’s been heat treated to harden the cutting edge so it stays sharp. The carved ash handle allows for extended use without hand fatigue. Features: Interchangeable Palm Handle, Carving Blades, Basswood Boot Blank, Manual/Guide and Instructional DVD Quick Connect Palm Handle is mid sized and can be used with interchangeable knife blades, gouges and chisels V-Tool can be used for outlining, performing detail work, and adding texture to backgrounds Double bevel skews features a flat angled cutting edge for creating fine lines or adding depth to relief carvings Gouges can be used for rounding edges of convex forms, or smooth concave surfaces Easy-to-follow instructions Specifications: Blade Material: High quality spring steel Handle Material: Ash Handle Width: 2-3/4″ Handle Height: 5-1/4″ Handle Depth: 1/4″ What’s Included: (1) Quick Connect Palm Handle (SK102) (1) Interchangeable 70deg x 1/4″ V-Parting Tool (SK 307) (1) Interchangeable #2 x 9/16″ Double Bevel Skew Chisel (SK407) (1) Interchangeable #11 Sweep x 1/4″ Gouge (SK408) (1) Basswood Boot Blank (1) Manual and Project Guide (1) Instructional DVD

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