Flexcut Craft Carver Set comes with the Quick connect ABS plastic handle, 4 razor sharp blades, sharpening and carving manual, pre-printed carving blank and 5 pocket tool roll. The ABS plastic handle can be used with 45 interchangeable knife blades, gouges, and chisels. Fits any unhandled palm tool designed for hand carving with its yellow soft urethane gives an exceptional grip and allows woodworkers to use a large variety of interchangeable accessories. Flexcut handles have the advantage of not needing to be aligned or tightened in the handle. Simply slip in and out. These 4 razor sharp blades can be used for, modeling surfaces or creating different textures, cleaning the lines between two adjacent surfaces, reaching into tight areas, and carving lettering plus smoothing surfaces. Five Piece Carving Set includes handle and four blades: 3/8″ No. 3 gouge; 3/8″ No. 6 gouge; 1/8″ No. 11 veiner; 1/4″ 70deg V-parting tool. Features: Craft carver kit Contains palm handle, 4 interchangable blades, and wood block with preprinted design for carving Includes rolled storage pouch Easy to interchange carving tools Ergonomically designed handle to increase the comfort and ease of use Made in the USA What’s Included: (1) # 3 Sweep x 3/8″ Gouge (1) # 6 Sweep x 5/16″ Gouge (1) #9 Sweep x 1.5 mm Gouge (1) #11 Sweep x 1/8″ Veiner (1) 70deg x 1/4″ V-Tool (1) 5 Pocket tool roll (1) Piece of basswood with a leaves design for instant carving (1) Sharpening & Carving Manual

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