Flexcut KN13 Detail Carving Knife features a 1-1/2″ long blade that is straight. The blade comes to a fine point which is great for making detailed cuts that are very narrow. Ergonomic handles designed to provide the secure but relaxed grip necessary when doing detailed work. Flexcut Carving Tools are pre-sharpened at the factory to a highly polished razor’s edge. This creates an efficient, long-lasting cutting tool. The more polished the edge, the sharper it is and the longer it will stay sharp. Features: Flexcut Detail Knife Fixed-handle blade Hand honed Ergonomic handle Made in the USA Specifications: Blade Length: 1-1/2″ Blade Material: High carbon steel Handle Material: Ash What’s Included: (1) Flexcut KN13 – Detail Knife Notes: Hold the knife at a 15deg bevel which is the same as the knife has been sharpened at for stropping and sharpening.

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