A lot of folks are making wooden utensils for the kitchen, many of them spoons. Spoons can be made from most any wood and can be shallow or deep, long or short and big or small. To form the “bowl” portion of the spoon, bent and spoon gouges can be used, but the better tool is a specially shaped knife called a Spoon Knife. Pfeil makes eight Spoon Knives – four bevel left and four bevel right with both round (deep) and half-round (shallow) curves to the blades. All come sharp and ready to use. To determine a tool’s bevel orientation, look down at the logo with the edge of the tool pointed away from you. From that position, a bevel left tool has the bevel facing to the left, and a bevel right tool has the bevel facing to the right. #27 has a 2″ cutting edge with a 5/8″-deep curve to the knife. Measurements are approximate. Electronically hardened steelComfortable octagonal handles Also available in bevel right version (#161301)Sharp and ready to use

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