The Eclipse EOHBC Original Series One Handed Bar Clamp has an average clamping force of 330 lbf. The Quick release trigger enables the clamp to be quickly positioned and released, whilst the jaw release clip mechanism allows the jaw to be removed and re-attached to the other end of the bar, thus converting the clamp into a spreader. The carbon steel bar and reinforced nylon body make it both tough and durable, whilst the ergonomically designed, soft feel pistol grip handle fits easily into the hand. In addition, the toe-in feature means that, when fully closed, the jaws only meet at the top, thus providing an even clamping force across the whole depth of the workpiece. Non-marking pads firmly grip and protect the workpiece. Clamping Capacity: 18″. Spreading Capacity: 6-5/8 to 25-3/8″. Throat Depth: 3-3/8″.

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