Flexaust Flexadux PV is a medium-weight, flexible PVC hose with good abrasion resistance that makes it ideal for dust and chip collection. The clear material makes it easy to locate blockages, and the flexible construction makes it maneuverable around machinery and workbenches. Flexadux is the perfect choice for a variety of applications, from handheld use up to automated machinery. The medium weight PVC hose is reinforced with a spring steel wire helix offering a clear, flexible and kink free solution to your dust collection needs. Features: 5″ diameter clear dust collection hose 5″ ID is a common size in central dust collection systems 10′ length with reverse helix Clear, flexible and kink free 0.025″ wall thickness construction for durability Polyvinyl chloride material reinforced with a spring steel wire helix Clear for easy location of blockages Ideal for dust and woodworking applications Specifications: Product Type: Dust Collection Hose Material: PVC Construction: Medium weight PVC hose reinforced with a spring steel wire helix Color: Clear Temperature Low: 20degF Temperature High: 160degF Nominal Size: 5″ Inside Diameter: 5″ Wall Thickness: 0.025″ Length: 10′ What’s included: (1) Flexaust 5″ x 10′ Flexadux PV Dust Collection Hose – Clear

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