The Flexcut KN400 Detail Carving Knife Set includes three popular Mini Detail tools, the Mini-Pelican Knife, Mini-Chip Knife and Mini-Detail Knife. Each tool has a comfortable scaled ash handle that fits the hand for various carving positions. The razor sharp blades are dual tempered high carbon steel offering extreme edge holding properties with a tough flexible shaft. The black oxide finish is part of the steel itself which will not crack peel or rust, if cared for properly. All tools are pre-sharpened and ready to use. This set includes a bar of Flexcut Gold Polishing Compound for maintaining that perfect edge. Features: Mini-Pelican Knife, Mini-Chip Knife and a Mini-Detail Knife Curved ergonomic handles reduce hand fatigue Knives are razor sharp Made in the USA Specifications: Mini-Pelican Knife: 5-1/4″ overall length with a 3/4″ blade length Mini-Chip Knife: 5″ overall length with a 5/8″ blade length Mini-Detail Knife: 5-1/4″ overall length with a 5/8″blade length Blade Materials: High carbon steel Handle Material: Ash What’s Included: (1) Mini-Pelican Knife (KN19) (1) Mini-Chip Carving Knife (KN20) (1) Mini-Detail Knife (KN27) (1) Sharpening Compound

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