With the Jetmodel AFS-850 Air Filtration system, you will bring air filtration to you! The AFS-850 is designed to bring air filtration closer to where dust is being created. This lightweight machine can be easily moved anywhere around the room, and can sit directly next to machines during use. Stay woodworking longer with the AFS-850! The MERV 15 rated non-woven inner filter provides efficient filtering of harmful dust particulates out of the air before they reach your lungs. The machine will pull up to 850 CFM with 6 different speed options. The inner filter sensor will detect and notify the user when it is time for the filter to be changed. The fan impellers of the AFS-850 have been optimized to reduce sound. At max speed the AFS-850 is never louder than 68dB. A dust particulate sensor allows for AUTO mode to be activated when the machine is turned on. The sensor will detect when dust levels have gone above hazardous levels and ramp up the motor. Once the dust reaches recommended safe levels, the motor will ramp itself down. Features Automatic Air Quality Sensor adjusts speed based on air quality Bright and Clear LED Display Filter Status Indicator: Filter life is displayed on the control panel, and lets the user know when it should be replaced. Specifications 850CFM at max speed 50-68dB sound level at 3.5′ 15′ Power Cable Inner Filter Efficiency: MERV15 Motor: 1/5HP, 1PH, 2.5Amps, 120 V Weight: 32lbs Overall Size: 19.133″ x 19.133″ x 36.57″ 190-850 CFM 5 Year Warranty

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