Ever wonder how to make level, wobble-free cabinet shelves? The Milescraft CabinetMate Drill Template is just the tool to get the job done. This easy to use, durable jig is a great alternative to shop-made jigs, which typically wear out after just a few uses. The CabinetMate has a rigid main body with two rows of 11 holes on a 32mm center spaced 1-7/16″ and 2-1/2″ from either edge of the jig. Included 1/4″ ShelfPin Bit is a custom 1/4″ brad-point drill bit that rides in a spring-loaded guide to center within the holes of the main jig body. An additional feature that sets the CabinetMate jig apart from the rest is the ability to mark drilling locations for Euro-style hinges. The CabinetMate also includes a built-in closed storage compartment for your bit and indexing pins.Features: • Large template to drill up to 11 holes at one time at two distances in new and existing cabinets• 1/4″ ShelfPin Bit included with spring-loaded guide to center within holes of jig body• Indexing pins (1/4″ and 5mm) to accurately align template across large openings• Additional hole locations for layout of concealed Euro-style hinges• Closed storage compartment for storing ShelfPin bits and indexing pins

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