Developed for hand or light mallet use, these quality assortments will please both new and experienced carvers. Made in the USA of W-1 U.S. Tool Steel, all tools feature comfortable 6-1/4″ to 6-1/2″ long hardwood handles with metal ferrules to make them easy to control. We highly recommend these tools for the new carver doing simple or detailed work. Kit contains all three sets of Ramelson Beginner’s Carving Tools – factory ground, factory sharpened and ready for use:Beginner’s 6-piece Carving Set: 3/8″ bent chisel, 3/8″ skew, 3/8″ straight chisel, 9/64″ gouge, 5/16″ bent gouge and 9/64″ bent V-parting tool Beginner’s Mini 6-piece Carving Set: 7/32″ bent chisel, 7/32″ skew, 7/32″ chisel, 1/8″ veiner, 1/4″ bent gouge and 1/8″ bent parting toolBeginner’s Micro 6-piece Carving Set 11/64″ bent chisel, 11/64″ skew, 11/64″ chisel, 3/32″ veiner, 1/8″ gouge, and 3/32″ bent parting tool

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