Developed for hand or light mallet use, this quality tool assortment will please both new and experienced carvers. Made in the USA of W-1 U.S. Tool Steel, all tools are 5-1/2″-long with metal ferrules to make them easy to control. We highly recommend these tools for the new carver doing simple or detailed work. Set includes six tools: – 1/4″ (6.3mm) Bent Gouge,1/8″ (3.0mm) Veiner, 1/4″ (5.5mm) Straight Chisel, 1/8″ (3.0mm) Bent Parting, 1/4″ (5.5mm) Skew, 1/4 (5,5mm)Bent Chisel – all factory ground, factory sharpened and ready for use.Features:Highly recommended for beginnersW-1 Tool SteelMade in USA

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