Whiteside Machine has developed these solid carbide Brad Point Drill Bits as an efficient option for boring multiple holes into your wood so that dowels can be used in your project. Featuring a round shank, these drill bits are effective in Drilling and Boring machines along with CNC routers and Plunge Routers. ***For Plunging ONLY – Not for Routing***Features:Solid Carbide with 1/4″ Round Shank Brad Point Style Tip Center Point prevents walking while the high outer edges eliminate fraying For Plunge Router-CNC-or Drilling MachineONLY FOR DRILLING- NOT ROUTINGSpecifications:Shank Diameter: 1/4″ Hole Diameter: 5/32″ Flute Length: 3/4″ Max Depth: 1″ Overall Length: 2-1/2″

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