The 5″ long hardwood handles of this WoodRiver Detail Carving Tool Set are designed to be held like a pencil for extra control of the 1″ tool steel blades. The eight piece set contains an 8 mm double bevel straight chisel, 6 mm skew chisel, 5 mm undercutting skew chisel, 5 mm #11 gouge, 5 mm V-parting tool, 2 mm #9 gouge, 10 mm skew chisel and an awl/pick point. Features: Eight piece detail carving set Perfect for the beginning carver Great addition to any carver’s tool kit Includes a plastic storage case Full-size carving tools Specifications: Handle Length: 5″ Blade Length: 1″ Blade Material: Tool steel What’s Included: (1)5 mm Undercutting Skew Chisel (1)8 mm Double Bevel Straight Chisel (1)6 mm Skew Chisel (1)10 mm Skew Chisel (1)2 mm #9 gouge (1)5 mm #11 Gouge (1)5 mm V-Parting Tool (1) Awl / Pick Point

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